In the Paddock

In the Paddock

These are my shots taken throughout the weekend in the paddock area.
Christian Posing

Saturday - Before Qualifying

Christian Fittipaldi practises an underwear modelling assignment for DKNY, one of his sponsors. What a hunk!

Adrian Fernandez wondering where the Tecate Girls have gone. They obviously weren't cheering enough, because he went on to qualify 24th and dropped out of the race on lap 67 with brake problems.

Adrian Fernandez
Soon to be Champion

Alex Zanardi, also showing off his vest, but not quite achieving the same effect as Christian.

He qualified second and finished the race third, gaining enough points to clinch the championship.

Woman: "Are you a driver?"
Little Richie Hearn, cycling over to the restrooms: "Yes".
Woman, chasing after him: "What's your name?"
Richie: "Richie".
Woman: "Are you going to win tomorrow?"
Richie, chuckling: "Ho, no!"

Little Richie Hearn
Bobby Rahal

After Qualifying

Bobby Rahal steps into the motorhome after a disappointing qualifying attempt. All he could muster was 16th, while teammate Bryan Herta took pole.

Eventual race winner Jimmy Vasser discusses his tactics for the victory lap.

Jimmy Vasser
Ribeiro's Spare Reynard

Andre Ribeiro's spare car being loaded out of the way.

Paul Newman, co-owner of the Newman Haas team, drives past on a scooter.

Actor Paul Newman
Michel Jourdain, Jr.

Sunday - Before the Race

Michel Jourdain, Jr. jumped up to eighth during his qualifying session after a poor start on Friday. My tip for a driver to watch next year.

Bryan Herta, who lost last year to Alex Zanardi in the controversial last-lap pass on the Corkscrew, beat Alex to pole position this year.

Polesitter Bryan Herta
Jimmy Shaking, Alex Sipping

After the Race

Vasser spraying champagne and Zanardi drinking it as they celebrate winning the race and the championship, respectively.

Team owner Chip Ganassi joins them.

Photo by Pete with his monster lens.

Jimmy, Chip and Alex
Lighting Strikes Twice!

"Lightening Strikes Twice!" for the team that won back-to-back CART championships.

And finally some shots of our friend Doug Forker who was kind enough to let us hang out in the Target garage and bug the drivers for autographs all season.

Doug and Car #4
Zanardi's Teammate (Tennis Doubles)

Above he poses with Zanardi's championship winning car and to the left he just plain poses, riding the elevator at the back of the truck.

On the Track

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