Portland 1999 - Sunday - Paddock

Sunday - Paddock

I thought Tarso Marques had been doing pretty well, but this was to be his last race for Penske. For the next few races, it will be Alex Barron out ahead of Al Unser Jr. instead.

10:32 Fujicolor Smart A200 SS1/500 CF4.5

Tarso Marques
Harrison Ford

Luiz Garcia Jr. can afford to lean back and chuckle when Harrison Ford (or more likely just some who looks like Harrison Ford) knocks down the paddock's only coffee stand. I'm not sure if that's Flavia Garcia, his PR person (and sister or wife?) on his lap - send me email if you recognize her!

10:34 Fujicolor Smart A200 SS1/1000 CF5.6

P.J. Jones is looking very serious while he signs autographs.Qualifying had not been kind to him and he was about to start 23rd on the grid.

10:39 Fujicolor Smart A200 SS1/1000 CF5.6

P.J. Jones
Plastique Carpentier

On the other hand, Patrick Carpentier doesn't look at all serious as Inga asks him a complex question, like "are you happy with eighth place on the grid?"

11:01 Fujicolor Smart A200 SS1/180 CF5.6

Another typical shot of Scott Pruett riding his bicycle around the paddock.

11:03 Fujicolor Smart A200 SS1/1000 CF5.6

Bicycle Pruett
The Pits

The pit lane in advance of the start of the race.

11:37 Fujicolor Smart A200 SS1/250 CF8.0

Mauricio Gugelmin on his way to his car.

11:59 Fujicolor Smart A200 SS1/350 CF4.5

Big Mo

Little Richard

Richie Hearn with one of his engineers.

12:13 Fujicolor Smart A200 SS1/700 CF5.6

Dario loosens up before the start. He saw his streak of five consecutive front-row starts on road or street courses come to an end when he qualified sixth.

12:20 Fujicolor Smart A200 SS1/1500 CF5.6

Dario Asleep
Dario Awake

"Aren't you going to come and race?"

"I'll be with you just as soon as I've finished moving this truck out of the way," replies Dario.

12:23 Fujicolor Smart A200 SS1/700 CF4.5

Helio offers to help pole-sitter Juan Pablo into his car for the pre-race procession of drivers around the track. JP had become the seventh different driver in the last seven years to win pole position at Portland

12:34 Fujicolor Smart A200 SS1/1000 CF5.6

Juan and Helio
Gil de Ferran

Third on the grid after J.P. and Helio is Gil de Ferran who went on to win the race.

12:36 Fujicolor Smart A200 SS1/500 CF5.6

After his dismal performance here last year, Paul Tracy is looking happier with his sixth place starting position.

12:36 Fujicolor Smart A200 SS1/1000 CF5.6

Big Paul
Big Nose

Tony Kanaan started the race 17th on the grid. Says fellow Brazilian Helio Castro-Neves: "In Indy Lights it was great - Tony and I always traveled together, to the race track and even to the shopping mall. Everybody would say 'Are you brothers, because you wear the same clothes and everything?' And I would say, 'You don't really think I'm his brother? Look at the size of his nose!'"

12:37 Fujicolor Smart A200 SS1/500 CF5.6

And at the back of the driver procession Shigeaki Hattori just looks happy to be here. Go Shaky! (He didn't - he retired after eight laps.)

12:38 Fujicolor Smart A200 SS1/1000 CF5.6

Big Deal

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