Championship Auto Racing Auxiliary Runway Madness II Friday Evening

Runway Madness II

For the second year running CARA (Championship Auto Racing Auxiliary) Charities celebrated the season finale with a fundraising Halloween party. The event was chaired by Dan and Evi Gurney and Michael and Leslie Andretti. It was emceed by television commentators Paul Page and Parker Johnstone, who were dressed as the Blues Brothers.

Indy Lights Spice Girls
Indy Lights Spice Girls

These photos are of Indy Lights drivers Casey Mears, Airton Dare, Ben Collins, Guy Smith and Mario Dominguez performing as the Spice Girls. Indy Lights Chief Steward Terry Dale assisted as "Old Spice".

Highlight of the evening for me was a very enjoyable private concert by top pop artists Smash Mouth.

Super-sub Roberto Moreno serenaded Bruce McCaw and Carl Haas, his temporary bosses during the season, with a truly awful rendition of "King of the Road". He wasn't racing this weekend, so he stuck around to the bitter end and seemed to be enjoying Smash Mouth immensely.

Other entertainment included karaoke by Jimmy Vasser, Max Papis and Ritchie Hearn, and Paul Newman's "Ode To Wally", a tribute to retiring CART Chief Steward Wally Dallenbach.

Roberto Moreno
Runway Madness II Wristband

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