Sunday Morning Warm-up
Pruett Family

Sunday Morning

Pole sitter Scott Pruett with his wife, Judy, and two (nearly three) children awaits the photo session. You can buy Scott and Judy's children's book Twelve Little Race Cars at

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Tony Kanaan walks past in search of an Egg McMuffin.

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Looking For the Drive-Thru
Max and Team Rahal

Max Papis, who will start the race on the front row alongside pole sitter Scott Pruett, poses with his team, including owner Bobby Rahal.

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And Scott poses with his team. "Toyota and PPI have been on it for four years, and it's great to be able to reap the benefits with them now. The fact that it's my last CART race makes it that much more meaningful to me personally, and to be able to make history is truly special. No one will ever be able to do this again. There's just nothing like being first."
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Toyota's First Pole

Little Cristiano

CART's smallest driver, little Brazilian Cristiano da Matta, is excited to be racing today too.

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Dario Franchitti waits while his crew gets the Reynard-Honda ready for the morning warm-up.

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Morning Montoya

J P is enjoying the bright start to the day..

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And this is Montoya's girlfriend. A prize for anyone who can tell me her name.

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Mrs Montoya
Greg in the Car

Greg Moore had been fitted with a carbon fiber cast for his hand. This was the last time I would see him up close.

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Robby Gordon in the Menard-sponsored Eagle-Toyota. Note the Day-Glo eagle head painted on the nose of the car.

This is Robby's last CART race before returning to NASCAR for the 2000 season.

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Team Gordon

Robby's Last Ride

"I can't say we're all that disappointed about where we are on the grid. It's been a bit of a frustrating weekend with the brake problems and the gusty winds, but thank goodness we were able to get in a lot of test time here. We know we have a great race car. We got in a lot of long, full-tank runs. I'm looking forward to [the race]. I really enjoy the 500-mile races."

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Today's pole sitter, Scott Pruett, and the track record holder, Mauricio Gugelmin, out on the track together.

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Pruett and Gugelmin

Naoki Hattori

Naoki Hattori is still sore from his crash on Friday, but he loves to be here racing the second Walker car and enjoys the attention when fans ask for autographs and photos.

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