IRL Cheat Sheet


If you're off to an Indy Racing League race, print out this handy guide to the IRL drivers and cars. Then cut round the dotted line and tuck it into the back of your ticket holder for quick reference when you need to know who is who. The last column is for notes, like writing in the starting order or playing "driver bingo".

2 Vitor Meira R BR Menard D C M Blue Johns  
3 Helio Castroneves   BR Penske D C I Red camera    
4 Sam Hornish Jr.   US Panther D C S Yellow    
6 Gil de Ferran   BR Penske D C I White camera    
7 Al Unser Jr.   US Kelley D C I Corteco    
8 Scott Sharp   US Kelley D C I Delphi    
9 Jeff Ward   UK Ganassi G C C Target    
11 Eliseo Salazar   CL Foyt D C R Banco Chile    
12 Raul Boesel   BR Bradley D I T Blue/silver  
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14 Airton Daré   BR Foyt D C R Harrah's    
15 Dan Wheldon R UK Panther D C S    
18 Scott Mayer R US PDM D C S QPS  
20 Greg Ray   US Schmidt D C S Empress    
21 Felipe Giaffone   BR Nunn G C I Hollywood    
23 Sarah Fisher   US D&R G I T Smart Blue  
24 Robbie Buhl   US D&R G I T Purex    
28 Hideki Noda R JP Regency G C   Eikoh  
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31 George Mack R US 310 G C M Black 310    
34 Laurent Redon R FR Conquest D I T Mi-Jack    
44 Alex Barron   US Blair D C L Rayovac    
51 Eddie Cheever Jr.   US Cheever D I T Red 51    
52 Buddy Rice R US Cheever D I T White 53    
55 Will Langhorne R US Treadway D C S Grill2Go  
78 Tony Renna R US Kelley D C I Kruse    
91 Buddy Lazier   US Hemelgarn D C S Coors Light    
98 Billy Boat   US Curb D I T White/blue    
Chassis: Dallara, G-Force; Engines: Chevrolet, Infiniti; Builders: Brayton, Comptech,
Ilmor, McLaren, Menard, NAC, Roush, RPM, Speedway, TWR
Italics: Non-Leaders' Circle members

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