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Greg Moore #99


Greg Moore died as a result of injuries sustained in a terrifying crash at the California Speedway in Fontana on Sunday, October 31, 1999.

He was a very talented driver, having won the Indy Lights championship in 1995. He was the youngest driver to win a Champ Car race at age 22 years, one month and ten days at Milwaukee in 1997. He went on to win four more races and he also took five pole positions out of his 72 Champ Car starts.

He was very popular among the other drivers, with the Champ Car teams and workers, and, of course, with the fans.

Here are some of the photographs I took of Greg over the few short years I had been privileged to witness his talent, professionalism, maturity and love for life. We miss you, Greg.

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Greg Moore Qualifying

Laguna Seca, September 1996

In his rookie season, Greg brings the Player’s/Forsythe Reynard-Mercedes down through the famous Corkscrew. He started and finished his first race here in sixth position.

Portland, June 1997

Greg by the Player’s Forsythe Racing Team trailer, with his father Ric on the right. He started ninth on the grid after winning both of the previous races.

Moore turns round
Blundell Hounding Moore and Andretti

Greg leads Michael Andretti and Mark Blundell through the Festival Curves during the race. He finished fifth in what was a very exciting race, run partially in the rain.

Vancouver, September 1997

In his home race, Greg had a luckless weekend, crashing out on lap 63 after qualifying ninth. This dropped him from fourth in the championship points standings to fifth.

Greg Moore
Moore in the Corkscrew

Laguna Seca, September 1997

Greg gets tight up against the curb on the Corkscrew, trying hard to improve on his seventh place qualifying. His engine blew on the 64th lap of the race ending his chances to take second place in the championship.

Fontana, September 1997

Greg admires a police motorcycle after signing an autograph for one of the cops that had been trying to get a radar reading during Arie Luyendyk's test session.

Greg Moore
Moore Passes De Ferran

In the race, Greg bided his time well and made a late charge. Within a few laps he was past Mauricio Gugelmin and had established a commanding lead. But with eleven laps to go, his Mercedes engine expired in a massive puff of smoke.

Greg finished the season seventh in the championship standings.

Portland, June 1998

Greg looks on during the first qualifying session. He is currently second in the championship points standings behind Alex Zanardi, having won in Rio, four races earlier.

Greg Moore During Qualifying Sessions
Greg Moore in Pit Lane

Greg waits with his crew in pit-lane while the slower cars complete the first qualifying session.

But then he qualifies poorly to manage only 14th on the grid.

Moore Qualifying
Zanardi and Moore

The closest Greg is able to get to Alex Zanardi is during the race day morning warm-up.

Before the race, Greg takes a moment for the fans to sign some last minute autographs.

Greg with Fans
Just Look at this Mess!

Greg makes an over-enthusiastic start to the race, passing seven cars on the front straight before getting tangled up with Christian Fittipaldi and Paul Tracy at the Festival Curves.

Vancouver, September 1998

By Greg’s home race in Vancouver, he is fourth in the championship points battle. Alex Zanardi has an unassailable lead, but Greg is within reach of Adrian Fernandez and Jimmy Vasser. In this shot, he heads out onto the track during Friday practice.

10:52 Kodak Advantix 200 SS1/1500 CF5.6

Greg on the Track
Greg Moore

Greg is interviewed by the local media about his performance in the session, a disappointing tenth.

12:09 Fujicolor A200 SS1/1000 CF4.5

However, during provisional qualifying on Friday he is able to improve to take fifth spot on the initial grid. Here we see him at speed down the front straight.

14:36 Fujicolor A200 SS1/350 CF13.0

Greg Moore on the Track
Greg Drives In

Greg returns to the pits during Sunday morning warm-up. Although he was only 15th fastest in that session, he had qualified fourth on Saturday. However, he made contact with the wall on lap 54 of the race and finished 20th.

09:59 Agfa Futura 100 SS1/350 CF4.5

Laguna Seca, September 1998

Greg was still a respectable fourth in the championship entering the Laguna Seca weekend.

09:54 Kodak Advantix 200 SS1/1500 CF5.6

Greg Moore
Greg Moore

Greg ran good times on Friday and Saturday, giving him fourth place on the starting grid.

10:44 Fujicolor A200

Greg’s good friend Dario leads him through the Corkscrew, with Alex Zanardi hot on his tail. However, he slid off course under a yellow on lap 70 to come a lowly 21st in the race and dropping him to fifth in the championship battle.

12:26 Konica 200JX SS1/1500 CF5.6

Dario and Greg
Moore and Andretti

Fontana, October 1998

Greg worked his way through the field to take the lead on lap 41. By lap 59 Michael Andretti was on his tail and in an exciting duel, they continued to leapfrog each other for about the next 150 laps. Eventually Greg finished second to Jimmy Vasser, leaving him a respectable fifth in the season championship.

13:24 Fujicolor A200

Long Beach, April 1999

It’s hard to make out, but Greg was kind enough to autograph my program for the 1999 Long Beach race. He had already won the first race of the season in Miami and was leading the points standings. He started eighth and finished eighth, allowing him to maintain the championship lead.

1999 Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach
What Do You Think, Greg?

Milwaukee, June 1999

Greg is interviewed about his chances for the race: “Trying to get a good lap and trying to get a good time [during practice] was really difficult, because it was an accordion out there. But we tested great here two and a half weeks ago, and all in all, we’ve been improving on our short oval setup, so we feel good about our chances for tomorrow.”

10:20 Fujicolor Smart A200

Greg waits for his qualifying run: “You always would like to get the pole but being on the inside of Row 2 is a great position for the start of the race. I feel very confident about giving Player’s a finish in the top points tomorrow.”

14:13 Kodak Advantix 200

Greg Ready
Bernie and Greg

Greg qualifies third and is seen being interviewed by the local radio and television media. By now he has dropped to fourth in the championship fight, but is hopeful of a good result at Milwaukee, where he always runs strongly.

14:28 Kodak Advantix 200

Greg is fastest in the morning warm-up, seen here passing Michael Andretti on the back straight.

10:09 Fujifilm Nexia A200

Greg and Michael
Tracy Wins!

Fellow Canadian Paul Tracy is jubilant at his first win since St Louis in 1997. Greg takes second and walks up to congratulate him. Greg moves up to third in the season points standings.

15:58 Fujicolor Smart H400 SS1/2000 CF8.0

Portland, June 1999

Greg spins in the chicane during Saturday qualifying as Montoya comes by. After being fast on Friday, he was only able to grab thirteenth spot on the starting grid and that is also where he finishes the race. Gil de Ferran’s win is enough to pass Greg for third place in the championship standings.

12:57 Fujicolor Smart A200 SS1/1500 CF5.6

Eye Contact
Greg Looks On

Vancouver, September 1999

“I really want a win here for many reasons,” says Greg, “and it’s more personal than professional. With only five races left with the Player’s team, I want one for the guys who have given blood, sweat and tears throughout the season.”

11:59 Fujifilm Nexia A200 SS1/500 CF9.5

Greg is interviewed for local television. He lost an engine in practice and quickly switched to the spare car for the rest of the session. By Vancouver, it is obvious that the Mercedes engine is not the strongest in the series and Greg has dropped to sixth place in the championship standings.

10:18 Fujifilm Nexia A200 SS1/250 CF6.7

Moore Interview
Greg's Bike

Greg’s easy-rider motorbike is spotted, parked by the Player’s team garage.

11:07 Fujifilm Nexia A200 SS1/250 CF5.6

Greg sits in his car while adjustments are made during Saturday morning practice. He starts a very wet race ninth and finishes 20th after making contact with the wall on lap 52.

09:06 Fujifilm Nexia A200 SS1/180 CF5.6

Greg Moore
Laguna Seca 1999

Laguna, September 1999

Laguna Seca hosted another weekend marred by tragedy, as young Uruguayan driver Gonzalo Rodriguez was killed in practice. I didn’t take many photos this weekend, but here we see Greg passing Mauricio Gugelmin during the race, a move that led to Big Mo spinning off the track as he tried in vain to retain his position.

12:43 Fujifilm Nexia A200 SS1/350 CF8.0

Fontana, October 1999

In Fontana Greg got off to a bad start when, while riding his motor scooter around the paddock, he collided with a pickup truck delivering flowers. He broke a bone in his right hand. Here we see his father Ric helping with the ice pack while he misses the Saturday qualifying session.

11:33 Fujifilm Nexia A200 SS1/180 CF8.0

Broken Hand
Final Photo

This is my last photo of Greg, as he sits in his car waiting to go out in the Sunday morning warm-up session.

09:05 Fujifilm Nexia A200 SS1/350 CF6.7