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Graham Rahal
When announced as second driver at Newman/ Haas/Lanigan Racing
March 29, 2007
"Really there's no reason for me to drive on ovals at this point in my career."
Giorgio Pantano
On testing a PKV Racing Champ Car at Sebring
December 21, 2005
"I had expected it to drive more similar to an IndyCar. Instead, I found a true road-racing car devised specifically for road and street racing, not ovals. It’s very pleasant to drive, very fast in the turns and very good under braking."
Ed Carpenter, Tony George's stepson, on the small crowd in Times Square for the Indy 500 publicity event
May 23, 2005
"I think some people thought it had something to do with Star Wars."
Fred Nation, Executive Vice President of Communications for both the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the Indy Racing League
May 23, 2005
"It's the Indy Racing League policy to deal with professional race promoters, not to own and promote our own events."
Katherine Legge
Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach
April 10, 2005
On being the first woman to win a Toyota Atlantic race, on her first attempt: "I'm dead chuffed - I don't know what to say!"
Tony George
Toyota Indy 300
Homestead-Miami Speedway
March 6, 2005
Tony: "It's kind of boring down here watching monitors."
Jamie Little (ESPN pit reporter): "Welcome to our world!"
Kosuke Matsuura
Honda Fan Forum, Tokyo
December 5, 2004
“You are exposed to 4 to 5 Gs all the time, where all of the blood swerves to the right side of your body. After driving for two hours during a race, I often have terrible headaches.”
Doug Duchardt
GM Director of Racing
November 3, 2004
“At the beginning of the IRL, there was a certain model we could use and we were successful at it. That worked for us. There‘s no secret that the costs have gone up, and the TV ratings and attendance have been flat or down. You have to lay that out. It is what it is. We have to make a decision based on our business model.”
Dario Franchitti
July 25, 2004
"I must apologize for my donut at the finish. It wasn’t so much a donut as it was a rainbow. If Alex Zanardi saw that sad excuse for a donut, he would be horrified"
Bruno Junqueira and Paul Tracy
Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach
April 18, 2004
Bruno: "I think when we came to America in 2001, after racing in Europe, I felt a friendship between the drivers outside the track. Tracy, he didn't want to talk to me too much in 2001."
Paul: "He didn't speak any English! I couldn't talk to you. I couldn't understand what you were saying. I still can't!"
Paul Tracy
Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach
April 18, 2004
Were you surprised that the race had just the one yellow at the beginning? Paul Tracy: "No, we have a good group of drivers. In the past when we had all of the 'superstars' here, we had non-stop yellows."
Scott Dixon, on his first test in a Williams F1 car
Before watching the NASCAR race at Bristol
March 28, 2004
"F1 is definitely what I want to do. I would get back in the car today if I could. It was good to turn right again."
Scott Dixon, on his first test in a Williams F1 car
March 26, 2004
"The car is very much on the edge, but most of the time is very nimble. It feels nice to drive – it is a proper race car."
Bobby Rahal, on concentrating efforts on IndyCar
Interview posted to www.rahal.com
March 18, 2004
"Having a two-car team is the only way to fly in this day and age, in my estimation."
Kenny Bräck, on having
his gall bladder removed
Indianapolis Star
January 8, 2004
"I showed it who's the boss. We took it out and stomped on it."
Kevin Kalkhoven
Interview with David Philips
of Racer magazine
December 9, 2003
"It used to be that spectators came to be familiar with the drivers. If you go to many of the (single seat) oval racing events in the United States, the spectators are so few that the drivers get to know the spectators."
Jacques Villeneuve
United States Grand Prix
September 26, 2003
"I will never race in IRL. IRL destroyed open-wheel racing in North America, so it serves no good purpose. Too bad. The Indy 500 has always been the biggest and most important race in the world and it has been tainted by the fact that now there's two series."
Bryan Herta
Delphi Indy 300
Chicagoland Speedway
September 7, 2003
Gary Gerould (ABC Pit Reporter): How much fun is this kind of racing? Bryan, who finished third: "I don't know - I guess it's fun. It must be more fun to watch it on TV. You know, it's high risk fun for sure."
Jack Arute
ABC Pit Reporter
Emerson Indy 250
Gateway International Raceway
August 10, 2003
TV commercial for a diet pill during the race coverage: "I just started using it last week and already it's working!" "I got mine. Get yours today!" According to the product's web site, the primary brand contains ephedra and caffeine.
Jim McGee
President of Patrick Racing
Grand Prix of Mid-Ohio
August 10, 2003
"I love Phoenix, Michigan, Fontana, but look what the fans are telling Tony George. They're telling him they don't want Homestead, Nazareth, Phoenix, St. Louis and Michigan."
Gil de Ferran
TSN (tsn.ca)
July 29, 2003
"From a very selfish standpoint, I miss road racing. If we get to do that again, it would be great. I still love road racing and I miss it. I think America has some of the best permanent road courses out there, like Road America and Laguna Seca and Mid-Ohio, along with street circuits like Long Beach."
Fred Nation
IRL Exec VP Communications
June 16, 2003
Commenting on news that CART is exploring sale of the company: "It really doesn't matter to us. There is little crossover and direct competition between the Indy Racing League and the Champ Car series."
Kimi Räikkönen
Press Conference
European Grand Prix
June 6, 2003
Kimi, I don't know if you're aware of it or not, but this is where Mika Hakkinen scored his first pole position too, in 1997. Can you just describe your emotions at taking the pole today? "For sure it is a nice feeling and it is nice to hear that some other Finnish bloke has also got the first time here."
Bob Varsha
London Champ Car Trophy
Brands Hatch, England
May 4, 2003
"There's something about Tag that makes you want to hold him down and shave him."
Tony Stewart
Indianapolis Star
April 22, 2003
"I always had the feeling that if I never won that race it was going to be a void in my career," he said of the 500. "I don't feel that way any more."
A. J. Foyt IV
(Anthony to his grandfather)
Miami Indy 300 TV Introductions
March 2, 2003
"My secret wish is to win the Indy 500 five times."
Bob Jenkins
"Host" of the ABC TV broadcast
Miami Indy 300
March 2, 2003
"He [Kenny Bräck] plays the guitar and he plays it very well with a band that performs quite often at the... [pause] ...IRL IndyCar events."
Craig Hampson, his engineer,
on new driver Sébastien Bourdais
February 24, 2003
"When he came in for his seat fitting people thought he was there to interview as a data engineer."
Scott Pruett
Speed Channel commentary
Grand Prix of St Petersburg
February 22, 2003
"To go fast you gotta haul... er... butt."
Paul Tracy
Recorded telemarketing message
selling Molson Indy tickets
January 23, 2003
"I'll see you at the track."
Ted Bitting
Former Treadway team member
Indianoplis Star
January 17, 2003
"The problem is, they're just replacing the old IRL teams that can't make it anymore. I went through last year's [IRL contact] book and there's only like five teams left."
Dario Franchitti
Gran Premio Telmex/Gigante
Mexico City, Mexico
November 16, 2002
After his crash in qualifying: "I'm just looking for some consistency from the officials. Hopefully that's something we'll find next year in the IRL." Good luck, Dario!
Juan Pablo Montoya
Interview with Gordon Kirby
Grand Prix of the Americas
October 6, 2002
"When you see those [IRL] cars running along with their noses up in the air, that's bollocks."

This is what he means - Gil de Ferran with nose held high at Fontana in March this year.

Gil de Ferran
Interview with Mike McCarthy
September 10, 2002
"I miss road racing. I've made no secrets about it before and I still miss it. I don't spend every single minute of the day thinking about it; that's counterproductive. Part of me certainly misses braking and shifting and going left and right."
Chris Pook, CART CEO
ESPN on-line chat
August 26, 2002
"The more senior ones who qualify in the back part of the grid -- I think the IRL provides a good retirement opportunity for them." This was the day after the Molson Indy Montreal where Michael Andretti was last on the grid for the second time this year (which are the only times in his career).
Steve Matchett
Speed Channel Commentary
Grand Prix of France
July 21, 2002
"The front axle geometry alignment adjuster is on there too, which in layman's terms means it also acts as a steering wheel." In describing Michael Schumacher's hi-tech steering wheel.
Kenny Bräck
Bridgestone Potenza 500 Practice
Motegi, Japan
April 25, 2002
Do you believe you have a specific feel for running at these high speeds that gives you, maybe, a tiny advantage? "It's just stupidity, driving that fast between two concrete walls."
Eddie Irvine
April 15, 2002
In response to Rubens: "I may be older, but I'll never be as ugly."
Rubens Barrichello
April 14, 2002
On giving Eddie Irvine the finger during the San Marino Grand Prix: "I just made a sign that told him to go to hell! Considering he is the one that talks so much in the briefings and everything - blah, blah, blah - it's odd that he goes and holds me up for three-quarters of a lap. When he let Ralf by, in a nice way, he could have let me by at the same place but he came back in and stayed there for another five or six corners. It was just silly, that's all. But he's getting old..."
Chip Ganassi
Grand Prix of Long Beach
April 14, 2002
On Jimmy Vasser, who was leading the race at the time: "Maybe we shouldn't have given up on that guy?"
Kenny Bräck
Pre-season interview
March 5, 2002
With Bridgestone being the tire of the series this year, have you noticed any changes, if any, to the tire?
"Yeah, they changed the lettering on the side from Firestone to Bridgestone."
Tomas Scheckter
Grand Prix of Miami
March 2, 2002
"First of all, I need to apologize to Eddie about our coming together at the beginning of the race."
Eddie Cheever
Grand Prix of Miami practice
February 28, 2002
On new teammate and employee Tomas Scheckter: "He’s been fastest in most of the sessions that we’ve been to. I’m getting used to getting my ass kicked.”
David Coulthard
Grand Prix of Brazil
April 1, 2001
"I can't remember the last time I won a Grand Prix." He won.
Kenny Bräck
Tecate Telmex Monterrey GP
Monterrey, Mexico
March 11, 2001
“Then I looked like a wanker after that because I had no brakes. It’s a shame, we had a great car until that happened.”
Christian Fittipaldi
"The Jersey" - Disney Channel
March 8, 2001
"What's up with Andretti? He's driving like a maniac!"
Heinz-Harald Frentzen
Australian GP qualifying
March 4, 2001
"The car is now out of the bag. This is one of the very best Jordans I have ever driven. We have been keeping quiet about the car's potential, but now it is out in the open. I am very pleased."
Juan Pablo Montoya
February 26, 2001
“Kicking ass is the term, especially with your team mate. Being realistic the first person you have to beat is your team mate. I’ve heard from people that he [Ralf Schumacher] has been raising his game lately. He’s never pushed in testing before, people haven’t seen him being pushed. It’s good for the team so long as we keep it under our belts and don’t go out there and do something stupid.”
David Coulthard
February 25, 2001
"It is frustrating to me not to have achieved my goal even though most of my career has been spent in cars capable of winning world championships."
Patrick Head
Williams Technical Director
February 21, 2001
"I would be surprised if Ralf's experience and race craft do not put him ahead of Juan Pablo over a season. Ralf is an enormously fast driver and he can find the limit just as quickly as his brother."
John Della Penna
February, 2001
"The only thing I could get was an Ilmor, so what's the point?" Della Penna explaining why he couldn't compete in CART this year. He is now hoping to field a car for Memo Gidley in the IRL series.
Jimmy Vasser
Honda Indy 300
Surfer's Paradise, Australia
October 15, 2000
"Every once in a while we have races like this, where guys are just really driving crazily. It's just not right."
"Some guys were driving like they don't want to finish, so they don't."
"I don't know how some of these young guys can get rides when I can't."
Kenny Bräck
Honda Indy 300
Surfer's Paradise, Australia
October 15, 2000
"Every time I look up and I see the wing on that damned Quaker State car, I don't know what to do. We had trouble in qualifying, but we made some good changes before the race. It was a tough race. The start was kind of a mess, but I had a trouble-free race. I tried everything I could, but if you're running within half a second or a second of the car in front of you, you're not going to get past. Unfortunately, Adrian didn't make any mistakes. Unfortunately for me, fortunately for him."
Dario Franchitti
Honda Indy 300
Surfer's Paradise, Australia
October 15, 2000
Moments after Franchitti returned to his pit garage, he was joined by girlfriend and actress Ashley Judd. When Franchitti objected to having his picture taken, he grabbed Associated Press photographer Richard Campion by the shirt, angrily pulling off Campion's ear protectors and saying: ''Thanks for truly making this a bloody terrible weekend.''
October 2000
"Juan Montoya only raced in one IRL event in 2000, but he made it count. By winning the prestigious Indianapolis 500, Montoya ended the season as the IRL's top money-winner with $1,235,690." He was also 5th in the league of most laps led in 2000 season IRL races.
Max Papis
Grand Prix of Houston
October 1, 2000
"I came around turn two and the engine shut off. I feel bad for Memo because he had nowhere to go. I looked in my mirror and just laughed. I saw Memo's car on top of mine the front wing locked with my rear wing."
Memo Gidley
Grand Prix of Houston
October 1, 2000
"There's like nine safety guys busting veins trying to separate our cars. They tell me to get out of the car and I say 'just lift me off him and send me on my way.'"
Eddie Jordan
September 23, 2000
"I once shared a drive with David Hobbs in the Le Mans 24 Hours. I tell you, that guy couldn't drive his way out of a paper bag. I hear he's even worse as a TV commentator." Interview with Derek Daley on Speedvision.
Patrick Carpentier
Laguna Seca
September 8, 2000
“I was coming down into corner four looking for a good line and I saw Kenny Bräck on the inside. I went on the outside of the straight, but I guess I must have put two wheels off. Then the car went backwards. After that, the first thing I remember is when it landed. It was quite a shock, but at that point I didn't know I was over the fence. I managed to partially pull myself from underneath the car and the safety crew did the rest.”
“I feel a little sore in the neck, and when I landed it stretched my back, but other than that I’m fine”
Dario Franchitti
Molson Indy Vancouver
September 3, 2000
"I'm going to take Mr. Tracy out tonight and show him a party."
Paul Tracy
Molson Indy Vancouver
September 3, 2000
"I was happy, but at the same time I was disappointed for Dario because he really was the measure of us today. I'm not emotional sad, but emotional happy." Dario stalled during a pit stop, allowing Paul to take the lead.
Paul Tracy
Motorola 200
Elkhart Lake, WA
August 20, 2000
"I don't know how we were able to do that today. On the first lap, things were looking good and then I came out of Turn 2 and the thing just shut off. I'm amazed nobody hit me. The guys figured out that it was a bad throttle sensor, and I had to reset everything, which took about 30 or 40 seconds. By the time we got it figured out I was all by myself. I slid around for the first half a lap. Then Barry [Green, team owner] came on and motivated me. He said, 'Just run it like qualifying. Just go as hard as you can go for as long as you can go.' I can't explain it. I didn't get angry, didn't get frustrated, I just got into the zone. It's always satisfying to win, but today was one of the most satisfying. Wins that come when you really do it with everything stacked against you, it's that much sweeter."
David Coulthard
Grand Prix of Hungary
August 13, 2000
“I have finished third,” Coulthard said afterwards, “so I won't make excuses, but I did lose a lot of time behind the four Minardis that there seemed to be out there. Michael caught the traffic well, in that he caught them all in and around Turn 5, while I never got the chance to overtake them until we came out of Turn 10. That meant there was always one second lost in that sector. If you look at the gap when I came out of the pits after my last stop, it was probably [only a matter] of 0.3 second's difference between me being able to get into the first corner [in front of him instead of behind him]. That sometimes makes a difference. But I started third and finished third. That's all I deserve, really.” Except that he started second and finished third!
Memo Gidley
Indianapolis, IN
August 3, 2000
"We ran the snot out of [the Toyota] for two days at Elkhart Lake and it's very drivable. The power seems to be good and it's a high-RPM-type motor."
Jacques Villeneuve
Grand Prix of Austria
July 16, 2000
"I didn't have any problems, other than Heidfeld, who was driving like he was in F3000, just putting everyone on the grass."
Eliseo Salazar
IRL Midas 500 Classic
Atlanta, GA
July 14, 2000
"Anyone who thinks AJ [Foyt] would hire a wanker is completely mistaken. He wouldn't give a damn if the driver could bring $10 million if he wasn't the right guy."
Roberto Moreno
Grand Prix of Cleveland
July 2, 2000
"Imagine, as a comparison, you dream about getting to the moon, and people say, 'Are you crazy?' But you believe and you push, and you push, and you push, and finally you get there, and it's just incredible. There were a lot of times that I was the only one who believed I could do it. It's what I do, and it's what I love. I love this sport. Qualifying went really well, everything was great with the car and the Ford engine the whole weekend. The car was very competitive from the word 'Go.' "
Dario Franchitti
GI Joe's 200
Portland, OR
June 24, 2000
"Don't talk to me when I'm fµ¢þing halfway through the chicane!" In-car audio captured during qualifying for TV audiences by ESPN.
Dario Franchitti
Firestone Firehawk 500
Motegi, Japan
May 14, 2000
"It's nice to be back. I forgot what the press room looked like."
Jimmy Vasser
Rio 200
April 30, 2000
"I saw him [Tagliani] spinning in front of me and then coming back down. Then I think he lit them up and tried to do a donut or something. I lost him in the smoke and I thought he was still rolling down. So I decided to go for the outside. It was basically a 50-50 chance. It was more luck than anything."
Jimmy Vasser
Grand Prix of Long Beach
April 16, 2000
"I'm happy with the performance of my car, the Lola, the Toyota, and the team. I think you're going to see a lot more Jimmy Vasser this year."
Roberto Moreno
Grand Prix of Miami
March 26, 2000
"It's good to retire 'Super Sub' and it's good to be here [on the podium]."
"I was just following Max, and I was just behind him. Max, if you would have run out of fuel this time, I would have pushed you. If you would believe that, you'll believe anything."
Bryan Herta
Grand Prix of Monterey
September 8, 1996
"Alex caught me totally by surprise. I didn't even expect to see him and was very surprised when he came up next to me. I didn't even expect him to try. When he did, there wasn't much I could do."
When asked if he has ever been passed that way before: "Not like that. No one has."
Alex Zanardi on "The Pass"
Grand Prix of Monterey
September 8, 1996
"I have to give credit to Bryan. Today, he was a tough guy to beat. I was a little bit demoralized on the last laps, but I saw on the last lap that he was driving a little bit carefully, and I thought I might be able to surprise him. It was risky, but it worked."