Milwaukee 1999 - The Race

The Race

Driver Introductions

Click on the photo above to see the driver introductions close up.

13:47 Fujifilm Nexia A200

Grand Marshall for the race Bobby Rahal presents a check from the Bobby Rahal Foundation for $17,000 to the United Cerebral Palsy charity. Bobby also gets to say "Gentlemen, start your engines!"

13:58 Fujifilm Nexia A200

Charity Donation
Real Start

The field rounds turn four in perfect formation to take the green flag for the start of the race. The first attempt was waved off with a yellow flag as Helio was too far ahead of the other cars, but a lap was still recorded.

14:09 Fujicolor Smart A200

But on the next lap PJ Jones spins and we're back to yellow again. CART safety workers get the car restarted and Jones rejoins the field.

14:10 Fujicolor Smart A200

PJ Spin
First Pit Stop

The yellow flag waves on lap 62 when CART workers spot debris on the track with Andretti leading by 2.106 seconds over Franchitti, Vasser, Montoya and Tracy. On lap 65 the lead cars pit, but Andretti is impatient and tries to leave before his crew is ready...

14:39 Fujicolor Smart A200

Vent man Ty Manseau is struck by the left rear wheel, which drives over him including leave a streak of rubber across his new helmet. He is later released from hospital with no serious injuries, but I bet he's thankful for that helmet.

14:39 Fujicolor Smart A200

A Man Down

Andretti lost a lap when he stalled during the incident and then has to come back in to serve a stop-and-go penalty for the safety violation.

"I've never hit anybody in the pits before. I feel terrible," said Michael later.

14:47 Fujicolor Smart A200

Robby Gordon retires on lap 83 with an electrical problem and smoke coming out of the cockpit. "It happened all of a sudden," said Robby. "I was going into a turn and the car started smoking. The throttle also was trying to stick."

14:52 Fujicolor Smart A200

Robby's Smoking Seat
Back Straight

On lap 116 Montoya passes Tracy to pick up second place behind Vasser.

15:04 Fujicolor Smart A200

The yellow flag waves on lap 121 after Shigeaki Hattori makes contact with the outside wall in turn four and slides to a stop at the entrance of turn one. Shaky is uninjured in the incident but the car sustains damage to the right front wheel and is retired from the race due to contact.

15:08 Fujicolor Smart A200

Shaky Wakey
Leader Pit Stop

The leaders immediately pit and Montoya, at the front of the pits, wins the race off pit road to assume the lead.

15:08 Fujicolor Smart A200

Tony Kanaan's Drive-Thru Crew change the tires, fill the tank, and give him a Big Mac, medium fries and a large Coke. Can they Supersize that?

15:45 Fujicolor Smart A200

Big Mac, Medium Fries and a Large Coke, to Go
Montoya Splash

Montoya plays it cautious with a splash-and-go on lap 209...

15:47 Fujicolor Smart A200 does Gil de Ferran.

15:47 Fujicolor Smart A200

de Ferran Splash
Moreno Spin

But Moreno spins on lap 210 as de Ferran is exiting the pit, bringing out the final yellow flag of the day.

15:48 Fujicolor Smart A200

Mysteriously, Vasser pits under the yellow for his own splash-and-go, handing the lead to Tracy. Ultimately Vasser finishes fourth and Montoya tenth, but it turns out both had enough fuel to finish the race.

15:49 Fujicolor Smart A200

Jimmy Splash!
Dario Splash

Dario also pits for a splash-and-go. Another costly mistake?

15:51 Fujicolor Smart H400 SS1/2000 CF8.0

A jubilant Paul Tracy takes the checkered flag to take his first win since St Louis in 1997. "When you win your skin tingles all over," he said. "This is like rejuvenation." Greg Moore, second, comes over to congratulate him.

15:58 Fujicolor Smart H400 SS1/2000 CF8.0

Tracy Wins!
Parker on my Plane

On my flight home I was sat near Parker Johnstone, who commentates for ABC/ESPN. He autographed my ticket and shared some interesting theories on how Michael Andretti came to run over his crew member.

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