Milwaukee Saturday Practice, Pits and Paddock

Saturday Practice, Pits and Paddock


Cristiano da Matta exits the pits in his MCI WorldCom-sponsored Arciero Wells Racing Reynard-Toyota for a round of practice laps.

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Christiano Practice
Slow Vitolo

A favorite for Boris in his choices for the SpeedPick Pick12 competition, this is Dennis Vitolo in the Payton Coyne Reynard-Ford.

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One lap later, Dennis is back in the pits looking for some adjustments to get him up to speed .

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Stationary Vitolo
Pruett in Car

Scott Pruett sits in the other Arciero Wells car.

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Team owner Pat Patrick, who Scott raced with last year. This year he runs cars for Adrian Fernandez and P.J. Jones.

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Pat Patrick
Dario Speedwagon

Dario Franchitti was third fastest in practice, a big improvement over his provisional qualifying position of 17th from the day before.

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Greg Moore: "Trying to get a good lap and trying to get a good time [during practice] was really difficult, because it was an accordion out there. But we tested great here two and a half weeks ago, and all in all, we've been improving on our short oval setup, so we feel good about our chances for tomorrow."

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What Do You Think, Greg?
Bobby and Max

Max Papis with his new team owner Bobby Rahal.

What do you think about the Harley Davidson paint job on your Miller Lite Ford? "I like the flames on my car. They are very American."

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Bryan Herta seemed unhappy with his car all weekend. This is a pretty typical shot of the frowning face he was wearing every time I saw him.

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Bryan Subdued

Rookie Cristiano da Matta was 18th in practice and so not entirely happy with his car. Last year he won the Indy Lights championship, so he's no stranger to oval tracks.

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Mauricio Gugelmin, 12th fastest in the practice session, discusses his setup with Roy McCauley, his race engineer.

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It Went Like This...
Bob Moreno

Roberto Moreno did a good job substituting for the injured Mark Blundell in the Motorola-sponsored PacWest  Reynard-Mercedes. Mark damaged his seventh cervical vertebra in testing at Gateway in early May.

10:35 Kodak Advantix 200

Paul Tracy being interviewed on what he thinks are his chances to win the race tomorrow.

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Of Course I'm Not Going to Win!
Old Codgers

Pat Patrick taking a break in the Penske hospitality tent with another of the sport's senior citizens. Let me know if you can identify who this is!

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The Forsythe Racing team is now using the moniker "a Tradition of Excellence" for their US races. As part of their settlement with the state attorney-generals, the big   tobacco manufacturers are restricting their sponsorship to a single area of activity per brand. The Canadian Player's name is licensed to Philip Morris in the US, but its own Marlboro brand is already used to sponsor Team Penske.

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A Tradition of Excellence
The Other Mario

Mario Ilien, co-founder with Paul Morgan of Ilmor Engineering, the race engine-building arm of Mercedes-Benz, and chief designer for the McLaren Formula One team is interviewed in the paddock.

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Juan Pablo Montoya is in good humor, despite being only sixth fastest in practice.

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Do You Speak German?
Do You Prefer Juan or JP?

JP is interviewed by Inga Stracke of DF1, the digital television station that covers Formula One and CART in Germany.

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JP was kind enough to autograph his promotional card for me when I stopped by to wish him good luck for the race.

Paul - Best Wishes! - Juan P Montoya
Fernandez on a Bicycle

A common sight around the paddock: Adrian Fernandez on his bike. This was the last weekend for the "Frankenstein" car built on a 1997 Reynard chassis with 1998 and 1999 parts. They had trouble getting the set-up working well.

12:22 Kodak Advantix 200

Scott Pruett: "The car's uncomfortable, but it's always uncomfortable. It's supposed to be that way to a certain extent. But there are different levels of comfort, and we're looking for a higher level. Tomorrow's race is going to be a real slippery son of a gun."

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Looking for 12 Little Race Cars
Mario Rides Again

Mario Andretti rides his motorbike towards son Michael's pit area in to prepare for qualifying.

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Dave Rutledge set the fastest lap for the Kool Toyota Atlantic race at.144.190 mph, but despite leading for many laps slipped back to finish tenth.

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The Keg
Team Meeting

Gather round! A team meeting for the Target Chip Ganassi team. Notice the engineer still under Montoya's car!

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Robby Gordon has a luridly painted motorbike to match his car.

16:53 Kodak Advantix 200

Gordon on a Motorbike
Rick Mears

Rick Mears gives an interview in the Penske hospitality tent.

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Bryan Herta sports a Nokia phone and casual attire.

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Coming Out of his Shell?
Happy Helio

Helio relaxes with a little origami after qualifying in pole position.

16:59 Kodak Advantix 200

Christian Fittipaldi answers questions in the CART Winners Circle Fan Club: "Yes, I'm from Brazil".

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Cristiano da Matta also at the CART Winners Circle Fan Club meeting: "I'm from Brazil too".

17:40 Kodak Advantix 200

Cristiano signs his promo card for me and we're done for the day..

What's da Matta?

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